Why Should You Consider Using A Professional Car Detailing Services For Your Car?

First of all, if you really want your car to look it’s best and maintain that new car look you really need that professional touch.

What is a car detailing service?

Now, a lot of people think that car detailing is the same as car washing. They have the idea that as long as your car is properly washed and looks sparkling on the surface, then it’s job done. Well, needless to say there is a bit more to it than that.

Car detailing is a thorough cleaning of your vehicle parts by professionals with the right tools and products in order to restore your car to its original structural freshness and integrity.

From that description and just to clarify we can take that; thorough (complete, extreme, no part spared), professionals (experts, people who do this for a living) and right (there are tools for a car, and there are the RIGHT tools for a car).

It is a rigorous process involving the reconditioning of the exterior and interior parts of a car. During car detailing near me, scratches, dents and ugly marks are eliminated. When your car returns from a professional car detailing service, it should look and feel like a brand new car.

What does a complete car detailing service include?

Well, all car detailers have their specific modus operandi—each person or team with their own unique skills, styles and approach. However, the end product should always be the same — a new looking car with every nook and cranny have been effectively cleaned and conditioned.

As stated earlier, car detailing Coolum includes interior and exterior cleaning. Let us now break this down;

Interior cleaning

This involves everything within your car. A long time is usually spent in the cleaning of the interior of the car, and this is because often this area is the most ignored part of the vehicle. It is unusual to see flamboyant flashy looking cars with interiors that are quite disappointing. Professional detailing will include the use of brushes, vacuums, steam cleaners and other equipment to reach unseen depths. What will happen during your car’s interior detailing service?

The seats, trunks, carpets and virtually every part of your car that can be vacuumed will be vacuumed. You would be surprised at how much dirt and potential bacteria have been hiding within the confines of your car. After this process is completed.

Every stain and mark seen in your car will be wiped out. This scrubbing process requires a lot of manpower, strength and knowledge, and every good car detailing company has all three. Your mats, carpets and the upholstery in the car will be properly scrubbed.

Cleaning surfaces.
After the scrubbing, all surfaces (the dashboards, panes, etc.) will be cleaned with a special agent that functions to restore the shine to surfaces.

Air cleansing.
If you have ever entered a car with a particularly horrible smell, then you know that this is an important step. After the thorough cleaning, we will then spray the car with any scent of your choice because who does not love a nice-smelling car?


Exterior cleaning

This is less time-consuming than the former but just as important. This is the first thing people see of your car and often has a lot to say about your personality. Usually, people opt to repaint their car if the exterior gets too tired but it’s amazing what detailing can do. With detailing, your tyres and rims are retouched, your window panes, wheels and the surface of the car are also touched. Here is what an exterior cleaning entails;

Thorough wash.
This is the one step involved in most car washing process, but it comes as a part of the car detailing Sunshine Coast mobile package. No part of the car exterior can escape the mild soap and water wash.
• The use of automotive clay bar to get rid of watermarks, soap suds and traces of over spray is also recommended.

This is where the shine comes in. To eliminate light scratches and swirl marks, polishing is done (manually or automatically)

Sealant application.
The sealant will give your car a glossy appearance that cannot go unnoticed, and some deals include a surface wax which gives the car an additional protective layer.


Optional cleaning

Some detailers offer some additional options like cleaning the engine bay, sanitising the air conditioning, restoring headlights, and boat and caravan detailing. These things may seem insignificant, but they can be quite amazing. Besides, if you are going to get a detail and have your car looking fantastic, then why not go all in?
By now, you can just imagine how good your car will look afterwards. The exact definition of spick and span!

Benefits of car detailing on the Sunshine Coast.

  • Increases car value: The neater your car is, the more money you can make from the resale. In fact, if you want to sell your car, some dealers advise that you take it for a detailing, and then raise the price afterwards.
  • It gives your car a professional look.
  • Health purposes: We spend a considerable amount of time in our cars, so it is only wise to get it all cleaned out and free from germs, dirt and bacteria. The car ventilation system can be infested with dust and dirt picked up on the road, and each time you turn on your car fan, you are simply inhaling these things, which could be putting your health at risk.

What is the cost of a professional car detailing service in Coolum?

Well, this differs with respect to detailers and packages. But you can always reach out to us for affordable car detailing prices. However, here is what you can expect from us;

Mobile Car Detailing Services

The only thing worse than not getting a car detailed? Is not using a professional car detailing service from a reputable company.

TJ’s Car Detailing Sunshine Coast offers affordable detailing services that are fast, efficient and worth every penny. Need one? Of course, you do, contact us now on 0480 259 525.


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